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Tubal Reversal Doctor Gary Berger discusses the mission of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center in this virtual tour of the world's first and only center for tubal ligation reversal. Educating patients about the benefits, risks, and success of tubal reversals allows patients to make informed decisions about reverse tubal ligation. Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center is the only facility where collecting and providing detailed and accurate information about pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal is part of the mission.

Virtual Tour Tubal Reversal Center

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"Chapel hill tubal reversal center exists to help couples who want to have more children after a woman has had her tubes tied and this is the only medical facility like this anywhere in the world. It really is very unique... so our mission is to make tubal reversal surgery safe, comfortable, affordable and really basically to give people the best medical care they could possibly have. We think this is important to be accessible to patients … this is important for them to get complete information which is essential to make an informed decision. When a patient actually signs a form for their surgery, they are signing ‘informed consent' for their surgery so that they know what their operation is, what the potential benefits and risk and alterative are… alternative treatment and what will happen if they do or don't have surgery which brings me to a very important point in order to be able to answer that, it is essential for individual to be able to understand all of these elements… benefits risks, and alternatives. You should know what the pregnancy rate is and the fact is that this is the only facility in the world that actually knows what that rate is… where we have actually taken the time and trouble of maintaining contact with all of our patients and follow their pregnancies and how many take place thereafter. And you would think this is a logical approach and that makes sense.

If you're going to have tubal ligation reversal surgery, you want to know what the chances are that you will get pregnant, but unfortunately when people ask most doctors that they are given an imaginary number or a number that is kind of pulled out of air. The truth is it takes an enormous amount of time to record the information and analyze it and know what the statistics are, and we do that so that we have the accurate and complete information. And to me, that is just the right thing to do. It's like… why are we all accessible… why are the nurses available all hours of the day? A person answers the phone. It's not an automated machine. And this is my concept of what medical care should be like…and that is the doctor and the staff, the nurses should be accessible to the patients. If there is a potential problem, they should be able to recognize it and identify it and deal with it immediately. I would say I have an idealistic view of what a medical practice should be… but fortunately, since I'm in charge here I've been able to kind of force my view onto the organization and believe it and has the same attitude and we want to provide the best medical care that anyone can provide. It just takes a certain commitment and desire to do everything right. And I think that is one of the things that patients notice and comment on who have been here. Frequently I hear these comments even after a year or two after they've been here - that it's easier to contact me or one of my nurses than their own doctor where they live."    Dr. Berger

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